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Australia · 2013-2020
8 seasons · Still in production
Rated TV-MA · 45m
Creator Reg Watson, Lara Radulovich
Starring Kate Atkinson
Genre Drama, Crime

Set in modern-day Australia, this TV series focuses on the life of women living in a fictional correctional facility, named Wentworth Prison. The women not only have to contend with the tumultuous, and often violent, prison hierarchy system, but also those who run it, who are just as corrupt and lawless as Wentworth's prisoners.

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What are people saying?

Asia Cureton Profile picture for Asia Cureton

For me, Wentworth is like "Orange is the New Black"'s grittier, darker, better sister. Unlike "Orange is the New Black" this show never stops its momentum, and I couldn't stop watching. Season after season, this show manages to keep me interested and pining for the next one when I inevitably binge watch an entire season in one sitting. The performances are great and believable; I rarely cry during a character's onscreen death, but this show changed that for me. I felt emotionally connected to the show's protagonists, and I felt myself burning with passionate hatred for the show's antagonists. Truly one of Netflix's underrated gems.

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