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Free to Run

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Switzerland, France, Belgium · 2016
1h 30m
Director Pierre Morath
Starring Philippe Torreton
Genre Documentary

Free to Run views long-distance running through the lens of social revolution. Before running was the democratic, inclusive sport it is today, it was an exclusive club dominated by elite male runners, hostile to women and other outsiders. This documentary tells the story of the iconic runners that transformed the sport.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Village Voice by Serena Donadoni

The philosophical underpinnings of Swiss director Pierre Morath's well-paced documentary about the evolution of long-distance running evoke the motto of neighboring France: liberté, égalite, fraternité.


Los Angeles Times by Sheri Linden

Some legs of the journey are detours, and the film can feel overlong and diffuse, but as a capsule history it offers revelatory insights, particularly in its emphasis on the role of distance running in the women’s movement.

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