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The Pink Cloud(A Nuvem Rosa)

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Brazil · 2021
1h 45m
Director Iuli Gerbase
Starring Renata de Lélis, Eduardo Mendonça, Kaya Rodrigues, Helena Becker
Genre Drama, Science Fiction

When a mysterious and deadly pink cloud appears in the skies, everyone is forced to stay at home. After a one-night stand, Giovana and Yago find themselves confined in an apartment together and must learn to live as a couple. But while Yago is living his own utopia, Giovana feels trapped inside.

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What are critics saying?


The Film Stage by

The Pink Cloud suffocatingly explores what it means to live in a world that no longer exists beyond what we artificially create for ourselves, the consequences of extended loneliness, and the capabilities of human adaptation.


Slashfilm by Chris Evangelista

Without the pandemic, everything here would seem a tad fantastical. Now, we can't help but draw sometimes painful connections. Perhaps it'll hit too close to home. After all, the film makes it clear that there's only so long a person can remain trapped before they start getting desperate.


The New York Times by Claire Shaffer

Even as the lockdown accelerates intimacy and conflict between the protagonists, their actions feel inconsequential compared with the greater world outside.


TheWrap by Dan Callahan

Gerbase shows talent here, but viewing The Pink Cloud requires nerves of steel that might not be available to even the strongest among us at this particular point in time.


Variety by Guy Lodge

Gerbase’s thoughtful, precise little film would have marked an impressive enough arrival under normal circumstances. As it is, it might endure as more era-evocative than many of the intentional pandemic dramas to come.


Screen Daily by Jonathan Romney

Gerbase’s insightful, quietly unsettling picture may, right now, be too close to the bone to attract viewers desperate for hard times distraction; but it deserves exposure, and should attract niche sales both on the strength of newsworthiness and on its considerable cinematic achievement.


IndieWire by Kate Erbland

Though Gerbase has conceived of a fascinating, timely inciting incident for her film, much of “The Pink Cloud” eventually melts into all the beats of a standard relationship drama. (And, yes, we mean all the beats.)


CineVue by Matthew Anderson

Rooted in the mundane, but told with an imaginative vision, flair and real composure, The Pink Cloud announces Iuli Gerbase as a new creative talent and filmmaker to watch out for.


Paste Magazine by Natalia Keogan

The Pink Cloud explores the often reactionary nature of humans, especially when tasked with imagining a future completely uprooted from convention.


Slant Magazine by Steven Scaife

After a while, writer-director Iuli Gerbase’s boldly mundane take on forced isolation gives way to a regular sort of mundanity.

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