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Sick of Myself(Syk pike)

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Norway, Sweden · 2022
1h 37m
Director Kristoffer Borgli
Starring Kristine Kujath Thorp, Eirik Sæther, Anders Danielsen Lie, Fanny Vaager
Genre Comedy, Drama

As her boyfriend suddenly rockets to fame as a sculptor, the listless and previously unambitious Signe takes drastic action to create a new, more interesting persona, as well as to win back attention and generate sympathy. Her increasingly unhinged behavior serves to indicate the insane lengths she is willing to go to.

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IndieWire by

Death rarely fades from view in Borgli’s increasingly bleak comedy, which does somewhat of a disservice to the narrative trajectory — not because it flirts with oblivion but because its path is so stratospheric and dogged in the direction it’s going that it can be pretty hard to hold on for your life and not get left behind.


The Hollywood Reporter by Angie Han

The sly pleasure of Sick of Myself is that Signe’s narcissism differs from the rest of ours more in degree than kind. Her impulses are as uproarious as they are repulsive not because they’re so hard to understand, but because on some level, we can understand them all too well.


New York Times by Beatrice Loayza

Each time we think Signe has hit her breaking point, she perseveres. It’s deadpan funny at first, but then gets disturbing. Her refusal to give up the act proves to be more sickening than her physical symptoms.


Time Out by Bianca O'Neill

Sick of Myself is, for all the dark themes and unsettling imagery, deeply watchable – a perfectly executed black comedy accompanied by humorously viscious counter-culture commentary that cannot be overlooked.


The Playlist by Kevin Jagernauth

The filmmaker’s tart and scabrously funny (both literally and figuratively) sophomore feature is a pointed portrait of a toxic relationship and a razor-sharp evisceration of those warped by a victim mentality.


The Austin Chronicle by Richard Whittaker

If it wasn't for Thorp, this would be intolerable, but as Signe she creates a fascinatingly off-putting character study of a menace to society. There's no redemptive third act here, yet she still creates a rounded depiction of a singularly minded bully.


Los Angeles Times by Robert Abele

As the satire retains its acridness to the very end, Sick of Myself proves itself well-aware that narcissists don’t learn lessons — they learn how to adapt.

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