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Talk to Me

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Australia · 2023
1h 34m
Director Michael Philippou, Danny Philippou
Starring Sophie Wilde, Miranda Otto, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen
Genre Horror, Thriller

Mia is an Australian teen who spends her time doing normal teen things - and summoning ghosts. Using a mummified hand, she's able to temporarily communicate with spirits, and even permit them to possess her. When the ghost of her dead mother gets involved, things take a dark and deadly turn.

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What are people saying?

Summer Goldstein Profile picture for Summer Goldstein

TALK TO ME features one of my favorite scenes from movies this year – one that thrills and delights you, then rips the rug out from under you when it all goes wrong. Even when the film plays on some recent horror conventions, it has enough of a vicious edge that it remains exciting.

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