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Stylish, hypnotizing, and even more surreal than you might expect from the trailer. A must-see for horror fans and lovers of haunted houses.
Such a sweet and charming film that puts a modern spin on the walk-and-talk romcom! The film’s vibrant colors and stylistic choices pair incredibly well with its strong sense of place.
This might be one of the very best films to put on during a rainy afternoon, and one of my favorite things to watch with my mom. The cinematography is stunning – capturing some of the most beautiful, detailed shots of architecture and the natural world – and the score just carries you away.
Genuinely terrifying. This film wastes absolutely no time getting into the action, and builds up such an incredibly tense atmosphere that some of the jump scares might make you shriek out loud.
This blend of the vampire film and the coming-of-age narrative entirely subverted my expectations – pairing an interrogation of our conventional understandings of “monstrosity” with a touching story of young love.
TALK TO ME features one of my favorite scenes from movies this year – one that thrills and delights you, then rips the rug out from under you when it all goes wrong. Even when the film plays on some recent horror conventions, it has enough of a vicious edge that it remains exciting.
A chilling Gothic tale, a haunting atmosphere, and a stunning use of scenery – THE INNOCENTS is everything that a haunted house movie should be. There are visual sequences in this film that you will never forget.
Ghost story, love story, coming-of-age narrative, and capitalist critique intertwined. Mati Diop’s beautiful visuals, seen particularly when the film returns to images of the ocean, carry the viewer through the story’s ideas of spectrality and temporality.
MY HOUSE WALK-THROUGH might claim that it is “not a horror video,” but it certainly feels like one. It all begins unassumingly enough, but once you truly realize what is happening, you might want to start all over from the beginning to ensure you didn’t miss anything.
If you made me choose, I would say that this is my favorite Studio Ghibli film. It has some of the most stunning animated visuals you’ll ever see, and its story about the often painful but essential journey of growing up and growing into yourself always stays with me.
Surreal, chaotic, nightmarish, entrancing, head-hurting, unsettling, upsetting – the list goes on and on. The characters, the narrative, and the camera all move through their own incredibly choreographed dances.
Absolutely a film that rewards multiple devoted viewings – each time you watch this, your eyes will catch on some little background detail or line of dialogue that brings the story to life all over again.
A film that understands deeply that sometimes a setting can be more disturbing and stressful (and, in this case, claustrophobic) than any monster – and which uses that horrifying setting to detonate the tensions building in between the characters.
“You’re gonna love this one. It’s a scream, baby!” One of the most enjoyable, endlessly rewatchable movies ever. It perfectly pulls off a complicated balance of humor, horror, genre-awareness, and mystery. Well-deserving of its iconic reputation.
Utterly captivating in its controlled, deliberate build up of tension and psychological horror. It works so well in part because of how much the cast commits to selling the absurdity of this world.
Sweet, engaging, and genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. A wonderful movie for curling up under a blanket with family.
The ultimate trip, indeed! 2001 is an overwhelming feat of visual storytelling – learning more about how the film's various sequences were composed using different image-making techniques only makes me further appreciate its craft and its epic quality.
I truly wish I could experience this for the first time again – what an enthralling demonstration of epic storytelling and worldbuilding.
Beautiful, poetic, and deeply emotional in such a striking way. I'm still thinking about the final scene of this film months after seeing it, and I think it will continue to stay with me for years to come.
With its extended, meditative shots and attention to negative space, CURE takes its time getting under your skin and building up an incredibly effective sense of unease. You are drawn hypnotically into the story, but any feeling that you might understand what is going on is undermined by the sinister emptiness at the film's core.
A truly special, magical film that I will never grow tired of returning to again and again. I am always struck by how Jackson makes the quiet, emotional moments just as striking as the epic battles or stirring speeches. I can't imagine watching this and not crying by the end.
Studio Ghibli films about the struggles of coming of age have such a special place in my heart. Kiki's heartwarming and whimsical journey reminds us that it can be hard to grow into your independence and find your way in the world, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.
Breathtakingly beautiful visuals paired with a complex narrative that both breaks my heart and makes me think deeply about the world around me. I love that this offers no easy answers at the end.
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this one. Complex, gripping, and beautifully shot. Before seeing ANATOMY OF A FALL, I heard people remarking on how blown-away they were by performances in the film – and still none of that prepared me for the stunning displays of acting by Sandra Hüller and Milo Machado-Graner (and Messi the dog!).
Christmas festivities take a chilling turn. So interesting to see how this lays the groundwork for the development of the slasher genre to come – the opening scene in particular will remind horror fans very clearly of another classic holiday slasher.
This film’s eerie, quiet atmosphere builds up an incredible amount of tension and puts you on edge the entire time, punctuated with iconic horror images that you will never forget.
An unforgettable classic, Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA crafts a nightmarish atmosphere with its use of vivid cinematography and an eerie (yet somehow quite catchy) soundtrack, making for a viewing experience that I find to be entrancing and almost hypnotic.
Imaginative, visceral – with emphasis on the viscera – and an incredibly fun ride. HELLRAISER blends a dark mythology of sadism and souls with grotesque practical effects.
A striking work of psychological horror that constructs a chilling atmosphere within Hill House while still maintaining the terrifying sense of ambiguity that makes Shirley Jackson’s novel, its source text, so memorable.
THE THIRD MAN’s reputation as a film noir masterpiece is so well-deserved. Both the striking cinematography – with some famous shots I will now never forget – and the incredible atmosphere of suspense and intrigue leave you unable to look away from the action.
I was so delighted to revisit this world and these characters in this lovely sequel. This film’s ability to blend an incredible amount of charm and fun with genuine, heartfelt emotion is no small feat.
A complex deconstruction of selfish happiness and personal satisfaction that is rendered so beautifully and idyllically that it deliberately deceives you into almost believing that façade of happiness, and ignoring how chilling and devastating the story is until the end.