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Canada · 2009
1h 36m
Director Bruce McDonald
Starring Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle, Georgina Reilly, Hrant Alianak
Genre Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction

It's a typical day when big-city DJ, Grant Mazzy, reports to his new job at a radio station in Pontypool. As the morning show begins, the station receives reports of a virus turning people into zombies. Trapped in the station, Mazzy tries to inform his listeners of the virus' unlikely method of transmission.

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What are critics saying?


Salon by Andrew O'Hehir

Pontypool is something like a claustrophobic, locked-in-the-barn zombie movie, only almost without zombies.


Village Voice by Melissa Anderson

For a film about the perils of too much talk, there's quite a lot of babbling presented as profundity. The political statements in Pontypool, much like those in another recent Canadian offering, Atom Egoyan's trite terrorism hand-wringer "Adoration," seem all the less provocative for appearing several years too late--McDonald's film might have had more punch if it were released when Bluetooth first rolled out.


The A.V. Club by Noel Murray

Primarily though, the film works as a tour de force for McHattie--a veteran character actor making the most of his character’s long, fluid monologues--and as a sly commentary on journalistic responsibility.


New York Post by V.A. Musetto

The premise has potential, but there's no follow- through. And there's no actual zombie mayhem; we learn everything secondhand -- from phone calls to the station.

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