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The King Is Alive

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Denmark, Sweden, United States · 2000
Rated R · 1h 50m
Director Kristian Levring
Starring Romane Bohringer, David Calder, Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Bradley
Genre Drama

In this film made as part of the naturalistic Dogme 95 movement, a group of tourists are stranded in the Namibian desert when their bus breaks down. As they struggle to maintain hope and tensions rise, theater manager Henry convinces them to put on a production of King Lear.

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What are critics saying?


TV Guide Magazine by Ken Fox

wWhat doesn't entirely succeed as convincing psychodrama makes one hell of an acting exercise (it's great fun to see great actors purposely mangle the Bard's immortal words), and Levring's cast -- McTeer in particular -- run with it.


Austin Chronicle by Kimberley Jones

Either you like your movies to be, well, movie-like: imitations of life, with musical accompaniment and artificial lighting and tracking shots and looped dialogue; or you like them to be re-creations of life, sans the artifice. The King Is Alive clearly falls into the latter camp.


Entertainment Weekly by Lisa Schwarzbaum

Janet McTeer displays Amazonian power while Jennifer Jason Leigh tears into her role as a high maintenance creature with a ferocity that leaves little room for her usual acting tics.


Chicago Sun-Times by Roger Ebert

It doesn't make the slightest effort to cater to conventional appetites. But the more you appreciate what they're trying to do, the more you like it.

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